Band Members


>Huw Android Replica (Fission Guitar) Crew member since 2011-01 [Assembled from the spare parts of the Hendrix-bot 2000 and upgraded with the LLG sound interface module following a sonic attack in 1986, and is now armed with his atomic powered six string. He is known to favour a Dufflegoat when visiting new worlds]

>Lord Rich of Light (Sub Bass, FX and Voice) Crew member since 2010-05 [Also known as Big Rich, commander of Metal Warriors PIG IRON. Founder member and chief navigation officer of Do Not Panic! LRoL has been a dedicated Hawkfan since 1989 and has been playing cover versions with various bands ever since. He currently multi-tasks (fake) bass, vocals and effects.]

>Doktor Technikal (Thunder Sticks) Crew member since 2012-01 [The band's Canadian crew member, with glowing drum kit and an extra arm grafted on in order to replicate the King/Powell drum fills of the Warrior days. A new convert to the Church of Hawkwind, he is the powerhouse that drives the ship]

>Psi Power (Godblaster Guitar) Crew member since 2011-01 [With level-5 telekinesis powers, PSi is the spiritual leader of the crew, having been a dedicated worshipper at the Church of Hawkwind since 1976. Triangles, waves, circles and squares, he has played them all, but Brockian guitar is his chosen path now]

>Moondoggle (Mainframe Synths) Crew member since 2013-05 [Well into his maiden voyage, Moondoggle has commanded many a synth-station over the light years. Previous crews include notorious space bandits Travelin' Band and The Whisky Lounge of planet blues]

>Donna The Silver Cat (Kinaesthetics) Crew member since 2013-03 [Donna has been dancing her way across space and time ever since she was a junior space cadet. Clad in her silver space suit she now travels the galaxy with Do Not Panic]