Everything Louder Than Everything Else

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Everything Louder Than Everything Else ( DesertStar )

Desert Star 3:49

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Upstreaming 3:19

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No Gravity 5:32

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Wintermute 5:27

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Frippery 5:32

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Paranoids Progress 4:59

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Aphrodisia / Black Whole 5:00

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The Ten* 4:07

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Chill Out 8:58

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All compositons by Booth, Halewood, Hind and Powell

*Except The Ten by R.Hind

Tracks 5,6 & 7 recorded July 1993 for the demo Quark

All other tracks recorded March 1994 for the demo Liquid

Recorded on 4-Track at the Moor Lane Farm rehearsal room

Original recording and subsequent remastering by Rich Hind

The CD Everything Louder Than Everything Else was digitally remastered from the original analogue reel-to-reel, 4-track masters in the summer of 2002. The recordings - made 10 and 11 years previously - were originally recorded in a rehearsal room (Moor Lane Farm) onto a Tascam 34-B machine on loan from my employer at the time. In order to transfer the masters onto 8-track digital (Fostex FD-8) I had to purchase a second-hand machine, almost identical to the one we used to record. Although we only had cheap microphones and a six channel desk, the original recordings were pretty well done, with minimal leakage. Drums and bass were pre-mixed onto tracks 1&2 while the two guitars were on tracks 3&4.

The clean-up took about a month (evenings and weekends) and invloved compression, EQ, enhancement, the odd retune of John's Guitar (with a simple pitch shifter) and the removal of a few bum notes and string noise etc. The results speak for themselves. All of the tracks are now available for download as MP3 files, the original CD can be ordered from Ultima Thule.

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